Thursday, 26 July 2012

UK landlords not returning tenants’ deposits

According to the reports from the Shelter, a housing charity, complaints have been surging of private landlords deny repaying rental deposits of the tenants. Shelter, worrying about the trend measures 86% of such grievances from the UK tenants.

The UK government have had come up with several schemes ensuring tenancy protection, despite; the tenants are unsecured about their stay/occupancy. In the face of that, shelter helpline is still getting calls on this issue.

Under the rules of schemes established, it is needed requisite on behalf of the landlord to place the tenant's deposit in any one of the authorized tenancy protection scheme in 30 days from the time he has received it, failing that, the landlord can face severe penalties in from of being taken to court and making them pay fine of between one and three times the value of the deposit.

However, according to the research by digital data Collector Company, it was noticed that 57% of people who were tenants in private rental properties weren't aware of such schemes, thereby making it defensive stance for the private landlords.

Such instances can snatch a roof from someone's head and that could prove disastrous for them. There have been complaints on not returning deposits having to lead tenants going bankrupt or homeless.

Keeping in mind the importance of having a proper shelter over your head, it becomes way too necessary to be abreast of all the rental schemes. For, they are for the tenant's good. These schemes are meant to protect and empower tenants, so that they can live a peaceful, secured life under the rented house.

However, for that it is needed on part of tenants to read property news from journals, magazines, websites and newspapers, ask out people, consult property consultants before staying in the rented property.

Shelter , is urging tenants to visit its new webpage – – to use its new three-minute checker to make sure their deposit is protected.

According to Countrywide, the estate agency, have pointed a marked rise 275,000 new tenants have registered to rent private accommodation in 2011, making it an increase of 24% in 2010.

Campbell Robb, chief executive at Shelter, said: "It is extremely worrying that we have seen such a huge rise in problems with tenancy deposits at a time when privately renting is no longer just a stepping stone to something better but a long term reality for more and more families.

"While we know that most landlords do the right thing, some cause absolute misery for their tenants, accusing them of owing thousands of pounds for damage that doesn't exist or falsely claiming to have protected their deposit and then never returning it."

Withholding tenants' deposits is indeed a very stressful situation for them as that deposit can be used for so many things, even for letting another house. In such grievous economic time, the money out of these deposits can be tremendously useful.


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