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Families in London need, £ 3, 500 per month to afford a rented home

Families in London need, £ 3, 500 per month to afford a rented home

A report analysis, Homes for London campaign, by Shelter, analyzed the cost of renting across the capital . The report showed that people in London needs to earn £3,500 per month, making it a total of £ 52,00 per annum to afford themselves rented property in UK. More important, that this amount is needed to afford a two bed house only.

However, if you're eyeing to be a tenant in eight London boroughs including Hackney and Tower Hamlets, then they would need to earn more than £60,000 per annum. The numbers of tenants under private renting have increased to about one in every four households and on the same, even the rents have risen by 7% in 2011.

Keeping the economic downturn in mind, many people are coming to London for work, and with the current trend, as such earning is a hard thing, and on top almost many tenants spend half their incomes on paying rents. This brings us to question the trend of high rents and its detrimental effect on tenants'' savings. If this rate of rent is to continue, then this will seriously pose financial for tenants the challenge of struggling financially, in the already finically odd time.

Shelter chief executive Campbell Robb said: "With so many Londoners locked out of homeownership, more and more families have no other option but to rent – but rents are now so out of touch with wages that some families are spending over half of their income just to keep a roof over their head, leaving little left for food, fuel and other essentials."

The only thing that Homes for London campaign is asking for lowering or at least regulating the private rented sector, so that the private landlords don't charge the economical /vulnerable tenants high rental charges. For this, the Homes for London campaign is wanting the next mayor to stand up for this cause and help influence the sector by formulating local policies that will help bettering the position of the tenants and prevent the capitalist tendency of the private landlords when they charge high rents, or deny repaying the tenant deposits, or any of such scrupulous acts performed.

This was seen true in an Ipsos Mori poll released last week, where the people of London, more precisely, the tenants in London have had only stressed on making policy with the mayoral candidates to chalk a way to reduce the cost of private renting.

Since, in this hard hit economic time, buying and selling home doesn't fetch you a regular income, renting does exactly what you need. It is this very mentality attached to renting, that has made the minds of the landlords, private landlords especially, capital minded. If the landlords can get a steady monthly income, then why not increase and earn more in these times? This very mindset makes leads to tenants' exploitation. This is why we see, the value of let homes in UK mounting to £840bn. If this trend continues for a long then by 2016, we'll see the rental incomes generated by the private landlords shall be to the tune of £70bn.

With the problems of house building happening to the minimum and the demand increasing as hell due to the increase in population, changing needs of ageing population, the changes in family pattern, the break-ups and divorces, have all led to an exceeding demand not able to keep pace with the supply.

Keeping in mind the problems, UK needs policies and laws both at state and national level to ensure its people their right to live in a house, securely and safely.


You may as well put that money against a mortgage.

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