Friday, 25 May 2012

Leasing your house is a better choice than selling

"Buying a house in London Costs a fortune" is as true as another statement which is "Selling a house in London is what fools do!"

Why sell a property for just £400,000 to £600,000 when the same property will generate for you the annual revenue of £18,000 to £21,000 for as many years you want to and the property is still owned by you!

Most people would think that leasing their property is a headache and as a result they are inclined to sell their properties instead of the profitable leasing, are you one of them? Well then you've got the wrong idea, Leasing your property is a piece of cake!

Reserving your piece of cake and letting you know that selling a house in London is what fools do, let us help you explore the benefits of letting the properties in London.

Renting allows you to get a steady income from your already invested property. The biggest advantage of renting a property in London is that you do not need to gather a substantial amount of money or property to mortgage, required to buy any property. The fact that the housing prices and the home loans too are getting expensive in London, buying a home wouldn’t be a good option. Since you don’t own a house, you avoid the maintenance cost incurred to keep the property intact. With number of immigrants continually coming to London for work or to study, they for sure are not keen on buying a property and renting a property to this market is indeed a profitable option for property holders of London.

Moreover, keeping in mind the current price scenario, selling a house wouldn’t fetch you more, and until you wait for the market to come to your terms, it is good to rent your house. 


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